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Mar 21, 2022
In General Discussion
Each weeks discussions give one so much to learn from and consider about oneself and the away we approach our lives and view ones actions and thoughts. Last nights passage spoke so strongly of recognition to me. Recognition of what, who and how we act and think. Not the image we may wish or unconsciously portray but the truth of whom we are. Lucy I was so happy to hear you take on our discussion. As I was last week when it was felt the air of the Himalayas had reached the proceedings. I bask in the presence of the all of you. This is was my rumination from eight hours ago. Recognition of ones actions of wrath in all its guises. Soul left rejoicing from desire which could be taken as arrogance and pride comes before a fall. Even as Soul ascends it does so with demons in tow, yet to be shaken off. The path towards consciousness, to our soul discarding the shrouds of sin becomes harder as it conversely loosens their grip. Our soul is tested again and again not because it is a penance, but because we are not free of illusions and it is needed. Recognition of ones frailties and thus the faces/aspects of sin/wrongs we carry/hold is the only way to advance and clean ones self of errors in our ways. Well that is what Mary said to in those words Love to all
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