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Welcome to this website dedicated to The Gospel of Mary. I’m site author and translator David Curtis, and I’m on a mission to make this long-lost sacred text more widely available and accessible to everyone. 

David Curtis

I was Mallory scholar at Winchester College, studied Comparative Religion at Lancaster University, and am now Associate tutor at Woodbrooke Quaker College. Despite this academic background, I like to take a more holistic approach to the gospel, engaging with all aspects of self - emotional, rational, and spiritual. As well as having a thorough grasp on all the relevant academic literature, my growing understanding of the text is continually informed by such diverse tools as pilgrimage, non-violent communication, compassionate inquiry, yoga nidra and meditation.


I am an active Quaker, but also have a long background in Tibetan Buddhism, and still regard Ringu Tulku Rinpoche as the person who has taught me most clearly about how to live a compassionate life. I’m intrigued by the powerful notion of ‘holding difference’ – of seeing our diversity of human perspectives as something complementary and constructive, rather than competitive and contradictory.


My wish is for you to make your own relationship with The Gospel of Mary, to see how it might speak to you, and that we might all learn how to cultivate peace in our hearts, to be released from whatever controls us, and to grow into our best potential as fully human beings. May the voice of Mary Magdalene, silenced for centuries, be un-muted.


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