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Mary and the Myrrh Bearers, by Fay Barrett

JULY 22nd 2024

including a special showing of
"The Witness" by Jo Blake

Celebrating The Feast of Mary Magdalene   July 22nd 2024 (online)

 5pm - 9:30pm UK (with a one hour break in the middle) , 9am - 1.30pm California  Check your local time here

Special showing of THE WITNESS by Jo Blake with Q&A

Embodied Practices of the Women Disciples with Fay Barratt

"Mary Magdalene: A Leader for the 1st & 21st Centuries", with Dr Shirley Paulson

Thunder Perfect Mind with David Curtis


Welcome to this international gathering, coming together to honour the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene. We have a varied program of People, Prayers, Practices and Performances with an underlying theme of embodied practice running through the event. May the spirit, message and gospel of Mary Magdalene take shape in us all. 

This year we are running the event as a fundraiser for Jo's performance piece 'The Witness' , 100% of your donation will go towards taking this back out on the road in 2025. Everyone today has given their time and resources freely to make this happen, so please give generously to support Jo's ground breaking work and help bring its valuable message to a wider audience. 

Full Details and Registration for this event via the

$USA booking office or the £UK booking office

St Margaret's Chapel
July 21st   8.30am - 9.30am
sacred chant and prayers
£5 donation, tickets here

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