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Special showing of THE WITNESS by Jo Blake 

including her short film about The Gospel of Mary
and live Q&A with Jo

Saturday July 22nd     10:30am - 1pm California          6:30pm - 9pm UK   


His story became History. Her story became Heresy.The sacred and profane collide in a new performance by interdisciplinary artist Jo Blake, inspired by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. It reveals Mary Magdalene as a most formidable and courageous spiritual leader, confidante and companion of Christ, a visionary and witness, and radically gender-non-conforming woman of her time.

Moving through humour, bold physicality and intricate storytelling; The Witness reveals how one woman’s 2000 year old testimony comes clattering into the life of a contemporary woman, initiating a reckoning and demanding that the missing pages be written anew.

After the 70-minute performance, there will be a short interval followed by a screening of Jo's 8 minute film about the Gospel, and then the opportunity to ask Jo questions about the making of these pieces, her engagement with the Gospel and person of Mary Magdalene, and developments for touring the performance again next year.

Also on the morning of Saturday July 22nd, in person celebrations at Glastonbury

St Margaret's Chapel 8:30am to 9:30 am  , click here for tickets 

YOGA NIDRA ONLINE      4pm - 4.30pm UK    8am-8:30am PST 

"Find contentment at the level of the heart!" A practice for deep relaxation, based on lines from the Gospel of Mary. 

GOSPEL OF MARY FRIENDLY STUDY  10pm - 11pm UK    2pm - 3pm PST

Using non-hierarchical Quaker study method to share our insights and questions around how this powerful short text relates to our lived experience. 

MARY MAGADALENE MEDITATION  6:30pm - 7:30pm PST   (2.30am UK) 

Ella Rozett, author of Interfaith Mary, leads a meditation on Mary Magdalene


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